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The Romance of Santee Anchorage, with the kick of a hurricane

We start with the finest of heirloom cane, unmodified by Big Three gengineers. Our cane's DNA has travelled from the Dead Earth all the way to Santee Anchorage, right on the edge of Occupied Space. We grow our own cane in fields where the sun shines clean and the wind blows strong. After the cane has reached maturity, it is taken to our distillery in Tanque Ward, where it is pressed and distilled in small batches by our experienced crew. Then the good stuff happens. Using proprietary methods, our rum is aged before bottling. How do we do it? Through a combination of science, Santee know-how, and magic, we produce the rum that has won the Co-Op's Platinum Seal of Excellence twenty years in a row. Crack open a bottle and smell the heady vanilla and pear aromas. Take a taste of the rum that brings the kind of heat that inspires poetry and reckless decisions. You thought rum like this was only available to anyone living the Life Corporate. But, like anyone who's Breached knows, the best things can happen in one's own backyard.

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GPS: Twenty klicks outside of town, past the strandbeest farm, Tanque Hardline Voice: +87 7c a1 4简 这完 全是胡 说八道 Pai text: oldwindswept甘蔗@tanque.santee.pub All documentation And don't forget to enter in our latest round of promotional contests!
Our Rums

The Classic

Aged for a year, our Classic silver rum has a bite like a cane viper and the warmth of a summer day. Your best bet for mixed drinks, bumbos, and punches. Available anywhere that sells alcohol. Look for the Co-Op seal!

5 Year

Our Classic, just left alone for a little longer. A mellower, smoother rum, our 5 Year has wowed the judges at the Co-Op Tasting Festival since its introduction. Try it on the rocks or with heavy mint.

10 Year

Good things come to those who wait, and our 10 Year is very, very good. Limited to one case per decade, Old Windswept 10 Year has become the drink for celebrating weddings, funerals, and Investitures. Reserve a bottle today; make sure to include your personal essay with your deposit!

From Santee's finest bars and bistros to your home

Rum on its own is good. Our Old Windswept Rum with something else is magnificent. Try these cocktails, dishes, and sweets tonight. The Rangefinder 60 ml Old Windswept Classic rum 3 ice cubes 10 ml Sabrosa's Patented Pineapple Syrup Pour rum over ice in a rocks glass. Throw Pineapple Syrup out, because Manny Sabrosa makes a terrible syrup. He uses beets instead of cane. I mean, really. Put a slice of actual pineapple in here and enjoy. The Tanque Mojito 60 ml Old Windswept Classic rum 4 ice cubes 100 g heavy mint 10 ml simple syrup, made with actual cane. Not that beet garbage that Manny Sabrosa uses. 1 MacDonald Heavy cargo compactor Put all ingredients into compactor's hopper (be sure to clean and sterilize first). Set pressure to 1000 kPa. Put on safety goggles and press START. Serve in an Old Fashioned glass. Eggnog Oh, Lord. No. Never. Rum Cake 1 vanilla cream cake from du Marque's Bakery 240 g butter, preferably from the Qo Family Dairy. Tell them I sent you. 200 g sugar 60 mL Old Windswept 5 Year rum. Why not? Live a little. 60 mL water Combine all ingredients (except the cake, because, really) in a small pan. Cook over medium heat. Bring to a boil. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Prick cake with toothpick, then pour rum icing all over cake. Be sure to share.

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Markson's Konbini, Reigert and Handel, Brushhead Big Lily's, Brushhead Bakaara Market - Ask for Hawa Sunshine Produce and Welding, Steelcase
Art by Jessica Smith. Find her at http://www.artofjess.com

Art by Jessica Smith. Find her at http://www.artofjess.com

Quality you can feel, right in your face.

Quality you can feel, right in your face.

Union-made since we joined the Union.

Union-made since we joined the Union.

Where To Buy
You can find Old Windswept at any konbini, bar, tea-house, café, restaurant, and bus depot that displays the Santee Anchorage Rum Producer's Co-Operative Seal. More of our product is available from these fine vendors. Mysterious Galaxy Powell's Books Amazon.com Barnes & Noble Kobo IndieBound